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Multi-function fulling soft finishing technology and equipment

"A fabric design and more beautiful, function, if not after excellent finishing process is difficult to succeed" so simple a word is enough to tell the fabric finishing process on the quality of the f
"A fabric design and more beautiful, function, if not after excellent finishing process is difficult to succeed" so simple a word is enough to tell the fabric finishing process on the quality of the fabric. Real question is, however, at present our country there are lots of problems for fabric finishing: after finishing process, equipment, process time is long, high steam consumption of water and electricity; After finishing defects, easy to fold, winding, bruises, milling not divide evenly, to a large extent restricted the enhance product added value; Low degree of automation equipment, manual process control, artificial feeding of measurement, basic no on-line detection.
"In the future, the development trend of fabric finishing must be toward the short process technology, the direction of the parameter control, equipment automation online, short process has the advantage of both high efficiency and energy saving, the utilization rate of equipment is also higher. Our finishing process is fulling soft functions along the trend." Taian Kang Pingna machinery co., LTD. General manager Lin liu told reporters, in "multi-functional fulling soft finishing process technology and equipment" won the first prize in the light of 2013 textile technology, enterprise more firmly stick to the development road of confidence.
Reporter: multi-function fulling softening process which contains the main technical content?
Serena: the research and development of this technology mainly includes six key technologies, is a multi-function wet finishing process research, we have lotion atomization technology, wool fabric high-speed milling process of impact and fluffy and soft fabric air blasting process were studied.
Second, high-speed dry soft technology, research development without fabric soft technology of chemical reagent.
Three is for fabric flexible traction technology research, we use flexible pressure characteristics of air flow aided fabric transmission, changed the fabric of the drawing method, which can guarantee the stability of the fabric size, shape, avoid color fabric color.
Four is the auxiliary automatic distribution and recycling research, mainly including additives automatic distribution, fertilizer circulation system and lotion internal circulation rapid injection technology.
Five is on-line detection and feedback technology research, on the one hand, through the touch screen to set the parameters, such as speed, temperature and humidity, water, and real-time detection, according to the parameters accurately adjusted by the control system, in order to achieve accurate control of speed, temperature and humidity and water. Set up, on the other hand, knot, heap fabric cloth detection sensor, when occurrence knot, heap cloth fabric, quick stop in time, avoid the damage to the fabric.
Six is developed multi-functional fulling soft finishing equipment, including fabric loop operation system, air circulation and drying system, fertilizer circulation system and electric automatic control system.
Reporter: the research content in the process of the finishing applications show what advantage? Technology innovation how to embody?
Serena: based on multifunction fulling soft finishing technology and equipment research and development process, the company's innovation to study the short process technology and equipment, not only can be multi-usage, meet all kinds of fabric washing, soft, dry milling, drying, finishing and other process requirement, improve the utilization rate of equipment and shorten the process flow, can also be arbitrary arrangement of each function module, and according to the process automated.
No crease fabric drawing technology is another innovation, it avoids the damage of mechanical stress and tension on the fabric, to solve the easy generation crease, easy to deformation of fabric finishing problems.
The fabric use fewer chemicals soft technology, we can achieve the physical fabric soft, get rid of the dependence on chemical fertilizer, further reduce the product chemical residues.
In addition, innovative research and development of the lotion air atomization and forced through technology, finally realizes the atomization lotion high-speed through the fabric, promote the fabric uniform absorption, improve the utilization rate of detergent solution and fabric processing efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption.
Reporter: overall, the sorting machine improves the production efficiency, improve the value-added products, and then, compared with the similar equipment, its performance in energy consumption on what? Create economic benefits?
Serena: compared with the similar equipment in Italy, the company of the sorting machine price was reduced by 40%, 20% lower water consumption, low power consumption by 13%, 15% lower than the steam. After multifunctional milling soft finishing machine processing, product quality, and feel up, about 3 yuan/meters fabric can add additional value.
So far, has been sold to wool, linen, cotton, microfiber leather finishing enterprises such as 157, sales income 230 million yuan, profit of 34.5 million yuan. According to industry association statistics, more than domestic scale wool, linen, cotton, microfiber leather finishing such as more than 3000 enterprises, over the next five years, the project product market capacity of about 10000 units.
In addition, such as annual sales of 100 units, each an average of 1.5 million yuan, annual income is 150 million yuan, profit of 22.5 million yuan, the economic benefit is remarkable.
Reporter: multi-function fulling soft finishing equipment will produce what positive significance to the development of the industry progress?
Serena: the device solves the problem fabric finishing processes of production, first of all, the subsequent finishing products are soft, unique style, and improve product added value and class, to enhance the product market competition. Secondly, the whole equipment automation degree is high, reduce the labor intensity of workers. Finally, improve the efficiency of production, in the water and electricity saving aspects reflect the development of environmental protection, on the whole, for textile dyeing and finishing machinery and equipment industry to contribute to the industrial upgrading, has significant social benefits.