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  • Pure cotton fabric finishing

    Sorting through physical or chemical methods of certain machinery and equipment, improve the fabric handle and appearance, improve performance, or give some special features of machining process.

  • Printing and dyeing and finishing machinery new task

    Raw material objects have scattered hair fiber, tow fiber and the original grey fabric, of course, chemical fiber and coloring and shading. The material is different, use different dyes, dyeing proces

  • New type of printing and dyeing finishing machinery strong demand

    At present, the market urgently needs a variety of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, small bath ratio of fabric dyeing machine, knitted fabric dyeing

  • Multi-function fulling soft finishing technology and equipment

    "A fabric design and more beautiful, function, if not after excellent finishing process is difficult to succeed" so simple a word is enough to tell the fabric finishing process on the quality of the f

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