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Printing and dyeing and finishing machinery new task

Raw material objects have scattered hair fiber, tow fiber and the original grey fabric, of course, chemical fiber and coloring and shading. The material is different, use different dyes, dyeing proces
Raw material objects have scattered hair fiber, tow fiber and the original grey fabric, of course, chemical fiber and coloring and shading. The material is different, use different dyes, dyeing process and equipment, there are tow dyeing, dyeing, color mesh add dyeing, fabric dyeing.
Original fabric dyeing, printing, dyeing and printing industry is the key link in the middle. Due to the different raw materials, use fabric dyes, process and equipment is not the same. Cotton fabric, polyester/cotton fabric, corduroy fabric, although all the singeing, rolling practice, steaming, washing, dyeing, printing, but each have each process, each have each special equipment. Except some equipment general chemical fiber filament fabric, dyeing and printing process is different, it has special refining, special technology and processes, such as cleaning, alkali deweighting. Of knitted fabric dyeing, printing, is another kind of technology and equipment, more special is loose type refining, liquid water, rolling and drying, the fabric is in a state of relaxation, to reduce the deformation of fabric.
Dyeing and printing is the key intermediate of printing and dyeing process and the mechanical part. Different fabric, process, and selection of equipment is different also, dyeing machine have dozens of options are available, there are scattered hair dyeing machine, tow dyeing machine, bobbin dyeing machine, jigger, rolling roll of dyeing machine, with high temperature and high pressure, atmospheric pressure, overflow, spray and air flow dyeing machine, and mass production with pad dyeing machine, etc., various specifications form.
Variety printing is the same, the craft, a roller, cylinder, flat screen printing, rotary screen, flat screen printing machine has a magnet, scraper, and cold inkjet printing, thermal transfer, transfer printing, etc., all kinds of process equipment. Dyeing finishing after printing, belongs to the fine processing technology, processes in the industry. Process method are many, there are physical, mechanical and chemical methods, conventional calendering, embossed, burnt-out, burr (wool), shearing, grinding hair, bristles, steaming hot, folding folding and chemical fiber filament fabric softening, etc.; Have a special process of resin finishing, liquid ammonia finishing etc. And new development of different fabric varieties, different process, different USES and different raw material coating, these generally referred to as the fabric after dyeing and printing of fine machining process. As the change of market, these products are constantly creates new products, new technology and new technology. And wool fabric, silk fabrics, bed sheets, towels, socks, gloves, and decorative fabric, have their own characteristics of raw materials, using different printing and dyeing and finishing process, using different sets of process technology and equipment. In addition to the host process line, and for the host technology supporting service system with a solution of equipment, selection of dyes, auxiliaries, color, transportation equipment, printing roller, cylinder, flat screen, pattern, pattern design, system network of complete sets of equipment, as well as printing and dyeing online diagnostic and terminal quality control and inspection instruments.
The above process and equipment to form printing and dyeing industry and wide, long industrial chain. So, want to do the chain well, really not easy. Because it involves the varieties, quality of raw material, printing and dyeing process, involving the use of dyes, auxiliaries, and the utility of water, electricity, steam, air pressure and every link of enterprise management, and the quality of operation personnel. And, of course, the equipment, the equipment is the carrier of technology, equipment and operation and management by people. So, the industry chain is a complex system engineering.
Why come up with new task of printing and dyeing finishing machinery? Based on the following three points: first, the dyeing and printing of annual production capacity has reached more than 700 meters, the capacity is more than normal product. The second is in the development of science and technology, the use of the decades old technology, obsolete equipment eliminated the updated, recent out of a batch of 176 projects. Three is green, low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection products of the new requirements, if you don't adjust structure, no improvement will be left behind, it is the imperative.
The new situation and new tasks for the structural adjustment of our industrial upgrading direction, put forward the new requirements, and the new opportunity of development. How to adapt to the demand of the new situation, should not only obey the macroscopic regulation, but also to think big, start small to development, from developing. I want to, can from two aspects of specific work to do? It is around the use of dyes, auxiliaries, dyeing process to realize the reduction of pollution emission. 2 it is around rolling, washing, steaming, baking the 4 kinds of high energy consumption of products to improve. Realize the energy saving at the same time improve the efficiency. These aspects of the work was hard to "how to", but quick steps go one step at a time, and will also work.
Using a combination of dyeing and printing technology and equipment, it is necessary to promote step by step. Size rolling car of the water level, pressure, speed, reasonable water rate adjustment, may realize water-saving, wuxi hongqi open washing tank, printing and dyeing machinery company of warm water wash trough using insulation sandwich panel, may also be effective measures of saving water, saving energy. Drying cylinder drying machine most heat is still open and ever could properly closed? Some have will waste heat into heat exchanger, continue to recycling and energy saving. And drying cylinder (hot roll) in contact with the fabric coated Angle, can adjust again in order to improve the thermal efficiency? Steam box, stentering and stereotypes are consumed a large amount of heat energy equipment, from the air volume, air pressure, hot air circulation way, heat recovery and heat exchanger, hot insulation parts, etc., with a little research and analysis, a little improvement measures, can bring the result of the energy saving efficiency, even a little improvement, as long as to adapt to the scientific development, by extension, has contributed a lot.