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FS3200 Single-layer Preshrinking Loosen


FS3200 Single-layer Preshrinking Loosen


This equipment is a new generation of tension free loose type drying machine,machine of all plates are made of high quality cold-rolled carbon steel plate,and after special treatment to enter the construction production. The appearance of high temperature powder paint spraying machine.

1 The main technical parameters:

1.1 Nominal machine width: 3000mm (can be customized);

1.2 Speed: up to 30m / min; (depending on availability)

1.3 Ultra-Feeding Amount: -10 ~ 30%;

1.4 Heating: Natural gas;

1.5 Oven: 4 boxes (can be customized);

1.6 The maximum amount of evaporation: 100Kg / h · box.

2 configuration requirements:

    2.1import components:

2.1.1 the chassis of bringing fabric ;

2.1.2 wire mesh belt tensioners and Adjusting mechanism;

2.1.3 with several pieces of cloth feed cylinder stays open circle, flat pieces of sub-wire slitting mechanism;

2.1.4The gear of overfeed fabric , cycloid reducer drive, variable speed by inverter.

2.2 Main Oven and rack components:

2.2.1 Main Oven number two boxes, each box with two high efficiency centrifugal fan motor power 7.5Kw, motor temperature class H for export; before and after the filler, and is equipped with a cooling fan; motor with inverter;

2.2.2 Rack of 100 × 100,50 × 100,50 × 50 high-quality carbon steel welded square tube;

2.2.3 Each group drying room with a burner \BENTONE;

2.2.4 each box with two sets of filters;

2.2.5 Insulation Door: The two sides of the box, at the top, bottom and front and rear doors are equipped with thermal insulation, thermal insulation filler lined and equipped with high-temperature rubber seal.

2.3 fabric components: the belt drive, belt correction device, the cloth at the mercy of institutions, a cooling device and operating cloth boxes and other components.

2.3.1 cloth belt drive and a variable speed motor through the inverter control;

2.3.2 network with corrective devices with Taiwan cylinder, solenoid valves, magnetic switch, filter, regulator, lubricator, etc; trip switch for Germany OMRON products, and with a gas stop automatic protection devices;

2.3.3 belt drive components: the mesh belt, roller and belt corrective safety device component; Teflon mesh belt for child care network, high temperature above 250 , suitable for various heating methods.

3 electrical control parts: before the machine uses Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller in each operation unit, and with, after the operation box; electrical components for the joint venture plant products or domestic brands, temperature display with Japan's Mitsubishi instrumentation, electrical box panel for machine simulation maps indicate working status.

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