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XLC-2000 Heat-Setting Stenter


XLC-2000 Heat-Setting Stenter


Machine configuration

1.Into the cloth combination

2.Stenter setting machine combination(10)

3.Out the cloth combination

Main processing                                    knittingfabric

Nominal width                                      2200mm

Working width                                      1200mm-2000mm

working range                                      1200mm-2000mm

Machine speed                                      5-100m/min

composite control                                    standard form

Heating Method                                     oil

Conveyor chain                                     The needle plate chain

overfeeding                                         -30%   +60%


1Into the cloth combination

(1)centring deviceHomemade

high Into the cloth rack

The rotation tension roller

Every 2 stainless steel drive stenter roller

Each 1 set the width of the probe

Every 2 centring rollers

Suitable for dry cloth and wet cloth

1 set Guide center machine

21 set of tight apparatus

35 sets of stainless steel cloth guide roller

41 set of tension control device

2Stenter setting machine combination


(1)cloth feeding box and overfeeding device

cloth feeding box and operating floor

Up and down Traction roll,Each independent drive,2.2kw

   Overfeeding ratio30%~+60%(relative to the speed of the conveyor chain)

2 root expansion of roller,1.5 kw motor drive

Four electric adjust the weft rollers,4 x 0.18 kw

1 root cloth guide roller under traction roller


(2)feeding cloth control

 instrument and the operation button on both side of the feeding cloth  box and beam

On the left side of the nose operation using 10.4 inch human-machine interface(Japan's mitsubishi)

The right temperature display and control

(3)Fabric feeding device

● The guide rail is 7m long and connected by AM screw

● 2 sets of blanking brush roller placed into the cloth area

● Conveyor chain screw tensioner

● Conveyor Belt (Extension Tube)

● Oven guide length of 10 × 3000mm

● The length of the guide rail is 5000mm

● Chain-driven coupling bearing transmission

● Horizontal rotary needle plate chain, chain bearings have long-lasting grease

● Into the rack area

● Needle guide roller

● stainless steel cloth into the fabric area

● Rail lubrication oil pump (timing quantitative)

Into the cloth area to increase amplitude modulation device, 0.55kw motor drive

(5)Main amplitude modulation device

●2.2kwmotor drive

(6)Hot oven

Heat oven 10 groups, each group of 3000 mm

150mm Door plank hick insulation layer,150mmTop and Bottom thermal baffle

,High keep warm (At the bottom of the heat shield)

dust screen,Protect the circulation fan and radiatorInner cover can be pulled

The strong wind type platoon,To the fabric effectively setfrequency control

The detachable air flu,Easy to clean

The in and out of the cloth areas two rows of air duct To prevent air leakage barrier design

,Reduce the heat lossIn and out of the fabric before and after heat insulation area 0.5 meters

The circulation fan two of 1 group 10 group 2 x 7.5 kw, 15 kw inverter

Drive up and down air duct air conditioner, 1 set of each group of oven,Can independent to adjustfaller (32×2)

(7) Heating system

● 10 sets of heat transfer oil heat exchanger

● 10 groups of temperature controller

● Temperature control probe (thermocouple

(8)Exhaust device

2blast apparatus,2×7.5kw motor drive,Japan mitsubishi inverter


(9)cooling equipment

Each set of air cooler1500mm,2×1.5kw motor drive

With 4 meters of cooling zone

PLC programmable logic control, control, speed, temperature, feed, tension, width, exhaust air volume, the platoon is wet, database, 100 sets of setting records, the central monitoring.

Electrical configuration

    The electric control system, the transmission part adopts PLC control, some of which part adopts relays to control the line. On the main chain, into the cloth wheel, into the mouth around next round brush wheel and sizing machine, the cloth next round mouth (volume), the cloth on the wheel, at the mercy of PLC control. Head work station configuration, a 10.4 -inch man-machine interface, is used to display, control and adjust the machine speed, width, into the cloth on the shrinkage, into the next round mouth shrinkage, shrinkage around the brush wheel, etc. The tail used to display the operation, control and adjust the speed, width, yards, the cloth on the wheel speed, wheel speed on the mouth of the cloth, compared with Taiwan machine control scheme, the more simple and convenient.


3 the out cloth Combination


1The machine frame and traction roll out cloth1.5kw

2Fabric Meter long ware

3dropping cloth rack

Cold water roll, 1

Falling roller, 0.75kw

At the mercy of the device, 1.1kw

Stainless steel guide cloth roll 2Stainless steel cloth guide roller 2 root

1 set of electrostatic eliminator (domestic)

Curly machineselection


SUPPLIER'S SUPPLY SCOPE As detailed above, the Buyer must cooperate with and provide the following equipment and services:

● laying the power cord to the equipment, the total electrical box, including the cable and the total fuse (the demand side)

● Installation of all cables and wires from the main electrical box to the connection points of the equipment, including the provision of the required cable ducts, wire ducts, telescopic pipes and other necessary accessories. (By the supplier)

● Outside air duct, oil pipe (steam pipe), water pipe, compressed air pipe, slurry pipe, sewage pipe, valve and piping accessories outside this equipment.

● Construction of the foundation or platform structure of the equipment.

● Construction of heat supply and gas supply. Heating pipe insulation.

● Lubricant (grease) and coolant required for each transmission pair.




Stenter setting machine supporting schedule



Stenter Forming Machine

1, infrared chasing cloth system Germany                  E + L KR43

2, four - finger edging device Germany                    E + L

3, on the device made

4, head machine interface (10.4 inch)                 Japan's Mitsubishi

5, PLC                                                Japan's Mitsubishi

6, synchronous system converter                       Japan's Mitsubishi

7, the drive system converter                         Japan's Mitsubishi

8, fan inverter                                       Japan's Mitsubishi

9, the heating valve                                  Germany RTK

10,FAN MOTOR                                          LIDEER

11, air switches, contactors, relays                  Schneider

12, cooling fan                                       self-made

13, fan motor (high temperature)                       LIDEER

14, buttons, switch, indicator light Siemens       (Shanghai II)


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