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1、 Input cloth combination

2、 Stenter system(10 chambers,Horizontal rotary chain conveyor)

3、 Output cloth combination

product:                                   woven fabric

Machine width:                               2500mm

Working width:                            600mm-2300mm         

speed:                                     5-100m/min

Combination:                                standard  

heating method:                              GAS   

Conveyor  chain:                           pin chain

1、input cloth combination

(1) Centre device(joint venture)2sets

●2 stainless steel driven rollers per set

●1 width detector per set  

●2 centre device roller per set

●suit for dry and wet cloth

●centre device 1 set

(2) Tension roller 1 set

(3) Ss guide roller5 sets

(4) Tension control device 1set

(5) Weft insertion device 1 set



2、stenter system

(1)input cloth box and feeder

●input box and operation table

●up and down pull roll,each individual driven with 2.2k

Feeder ratio is -10%~+60%(compared to conveyor chain speed  )

●2expanding rollers,1.5kw motor driven

●2electric weft rollers,4×0.18kw driven

●1 guide roller below up pull roller


(2)input cloth control

Instrument and operate button locate in two sides of input box and up beam,machine operate by 10.4 HMI.


(3)feeder device


●3 finger selvedge uncurler, left and right per 1 pc, 2×0.37kw driven(shanghai zhenwang)

●up needle brush feeder,left and right per 1 pc, 2×0.37kw driven (also can use inverter 2×0.37kw to control)

●Infrared delineation and edge devices , 2×0.37kw(shanghai zhenwang)


(4)fabric conveyor device


●cloth input guide length 3000mm

●prolong cloth input guide length  2500mm,linked by adjust roller

●2sets Pressure side brush wheel

●Conveyor chain screw tensioning device

●Length of oven entry guide rail 1000mm

●oven rail length6×3000mm

●cloth output rail length 3000mm

●chain driven 18.5kw(Japan MITSUBISHI INVERTER)

●Horizontal rotary needle plate chain, the chain bearing have long-lasting lubricating grease

●output cloth  frame

●Take off the needle fabric guide roller

●Stainless steel cloth racks into cloth area


●Rail lubricating oil pump

Growth guide amplitude modulation into cloth area, 0.55 kw motor drive


(5)main adjust device

●11sets Coupling drive ,Three of the group increase amplitude modulated manually

●4kw motor driven



●10 chambers,per length3000mm

●150mmDoor plank thickness of insulation layer ,150mmAvoidances insulation board, efficient heat preservation

●Dust-proof net, protect the circulation fan and radiator

●Strong exhaust wind mouth, to the fabric effectively stenter

●Air duct removable, easy to clean

●The two rows of air duct in and out of the cloth to prevent air leakage barrier design, reduce the heat loss.

●The circulation fan spin two 1 group (group a total of 6), 2 x 7.5 kw, 15 kw inverter (mitsubishi) drive up and down the air duct air conditioner, 1 set of each group of chamber

●needle plate(32×2)


(7)heating system


●10sets GAS burner      HANKFEUER

(8)exhaust device

2 sets of wind device, 2 x 4 kw motor drive, frequency inverter (mitsubishi)

(9)cooling system

1500 mm long, 2 x 2.2 kw motor drive, 1 set

  3、cloth output combination

1)The machine frame and traction roll out cloth ,1.5kw

2)Fabric meter length calculator

3)Off plane  

Off roller,1.5kw

Plater device,1.1kw

Ss guide roller 2pcs


1 set of electrostatic eliminator (domestic)

 Stenter setting machine supporting schedule


1、Infrared system                         Germany E L

2、centre device                           domestic

3、4 fingers  edge detector                Germany E L

4、needle plate                             Huajie

5、HMI(10.4                            Hechuan

6、PLC                                      Hechuan

7、Inverter synchronous system             Japan's mitsubishi

8、Driving system consists of frequency converter Japan's mitsubishi

9、The fan frequency converter            Japan's mitsubishi 10、Switch, contactor, relay               schneider

11、Temperature control table               Taiwan

12、GAS burner                               HANKFEUER

13、(high temperature) fan motor           lidle motor

14、Button, switch, indicator light         Shanghai


Wearing parts and random spare parts schedule





The needle plate chain containing needle board

50 pcs


Needle plate



Press cloth brush



sealing strip



Press cloth brush wheel



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